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For property owners

I. Benefits of the cooperation with Czech Outdoor Ltd.

a) Additional financial income without spending any costs
b) Financial appreciation of otherwise unproductive lands or parts of buildings

II. Steps leading to the establishment of a partnership

a) Evaluation of the locality
- it depends mainly on the following factors:

  • size of the catchment area
  • location (central locations are preferred)
  • ability to attract attention (whether the locality forms a natural prominent landmark in the vicinity)
  • exclusive visibility of the location (no visual interferences caused by surrounding influences)
  • number and structure of people having the possibility to see the locality
  • legislative environment (legislative restrictions may be set for promotional use of some localities)
  • availability of connection to power lines
  • size and duration of promotional use of gable wall areas (longer periods preferable)
  • period for the marketing process of the case carried out by Czech Outdoor Ltd. (legislative and sales
    preparation before the commencement of the lease)

b) Offer for lessors and landlords

  • Czech Outdoor Ltd. will offer you a rental amount depending on the previously mentioned factors.

c) The lease agreement

  • In case you accept the rental amount, Czech Outdoor Ltd. will prepare a contract regulating the
    lease relation.

d) Implementation of the cooperation
Following the conclusion of the lease, Czech Outdoor Ltd. will ensure, inter alia:

  • technical solutions of the implementation of promotional equipment
  • legal security (all necessary permissions from the competent authorities)
  • covering any insurance risks related to the construction of promotional equipment or to the
    installation of the advertisement
  • marketing presentation of the locality and client seeking
  • construction of promotional equipment or installation of the advertisement using their own team
    of experts